Forbidden posters -

founded by Martin Fischer aka Mfish, graphical designer and a member of artist collective Ztohoven, author of the visual identity of Paralelni Polis.

Forbidden posters is a graphical design studio and a screen print workshop focused on visualization of topics stemming from the cypherpunk scene. I comment on Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦanarchy, anonymity, freedom and decentralization. All motives are based on a sketch, then drawn or brush painted into paper collages which are then digitally prepared for manual screen printing.

“… back in 2013 we, Ztohoven collective, were renting a small club house in an attic of an apartment building. We were not even able to pay rent there, and around that time, the decision to create a much larger club house with costs two orders of magnitude higher and a concept much ahead of time was made. We founded Paralelni Polis. We opened a three-story venue with the world’s first Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦ-only café and we created a “think tank” institute of Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦanarchy. We were spending coins on premium coffee and along the way became a part of the world’s Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦ community.

First motives were test-printed on a screen print machine located in the basement of Paralelní Polis, but the venue wasn’t able to accommodate working with paint, washing out the screens in the bathroom or drying of the prints in the makers lab. It became necessary to start a graphics workshop and a studio, which would, in small batches, with original flair and its insight into the Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦ scene, visualise the world, which became our companion and provided inspiration every day.

The Forbidden Posters project was founded in the Tovarna space, where, for 2 years, it gathered experience with screen printing and creating motives connected to the Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦ scene which visualised the basic Cypherpunk text „The Ꝛỿ⁋Ⱦanarchist Manifesto“, „I am Satoshi Nakamoto“ motive inspired by the chase to find Satoshi Nakamoto the creator, or „Hodl“ the mantra of all who never sell, no matter what…